Tow Bars


Roadmaster is the brand of base plates that we highly recommend because:

•Superior building and testing on every part that comes from the manufacturer.

•Direct-connect base plate options, which are much more hidden than your standard base plate set up.

•Bolt on installation which is a superior method compared to other weld on styles.

Roadmaster base plates can only be used with Roadmaster tow bars. We recommend everyone to use the Roadmaster Nighthawk All Terrain which has: 

•High quality construction with an aluminum frame which makes it rust proof and much lighter.

•Channels to hold wiring and safety cables up and prevent them from dragging on the ground.

•Non-binding arms which makes disconnection at almost any angle or height possible compared to other fixed arm style tow bars.

•Self-lubricating nylon bushings on the actuating arms.

•LED lights on channels provide extra visibility at night.

•Can be folded up and stored in the hitch of your RV, simply fold toward RV and secure with built in storage latch.

There are other tow bars by Roadmaster that would work with your Roadmaster base plates, which are also good options, bus as far as a user friendly and high-quality product we would recommend the Nighthawk All Terrain.


Nighthawk Roadmaster

Check out this E-trailer link to watch the review video!

Some other parts that may be needed or requested by customer:

•A 12 volt outlet kit may be needed for some cars that do not have a 12 volt outlet from the factory that has power even if the key is off. We can supply a kit that will either mount down on the drivers side kick panel for you to easily plug your braking system in, or one that mounts through the dash.

•Seat stiffener attachment for the braking unit is needed for cars that the front of the seat is too soft and does not provide a solid enough surface to push against.

•Some customers that plan on leaving their tow bars attached to their motorhome at all times or most of the time may want a cover for their tow bar to help protect it from the elements. For tow bars that stow on the motorhome the cover would be RM-055-03. There are other options for tow bars that are stowed on the front of the towed vehicle, which we can also provide.

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