Performance Exhaust Systems

Custom Dual Exhaust:

We have been doing Custom Pipe Bending since before shops could purchase machines to do their own pipe bending!

The advantage to a custom system is that we build it piece by piece to meet your specifications.  We have a good supply of mufflers on hand and get daily deliveries.

Our systems are built utilizing the best products available and come with a customer satisfaction guarantee.  All workmanship is covered for one year that includes parts and labor. Certain mufflers come with a guarantee from the manufacturer (Flowmaster & Magnaflow). Also, we have a full line of mufflers that we put a lifetime guarantee on directly through our shop. If your muffler goes bad you pay only a minimal labor charge of $68 to have it replaced.


Probably our most popular muffler. It sounds great on trucks. We carry 40 Series, Super 40 Series, Super 44 Series and 50 Series Mufflers. It is hard beat a Flowmaster with Dual tails. Even a Super 40 on a single system has a good bark to it.


Best for Performance! Straight through design with no back pressure. Magnaflow gives you an old school Hot Rod sound. If you want max performance yet quite then ask for a large bodied Magnaflow. Also, Magnaflow makes a dual in dual out muffler with a build in X pipe for smooth flow & sound.


This is a chamber muffler with a special smooth flow design that works well on Jeeps. Also, a good option for dual exhaust if you want good sound, yet not as much volume.

X-pipes and H-pipes:

 We can build x-pipes or H-pipes custom fit to your existing system or we have ready made x-pipes to use if building a complete new system. Adding an x-pipe to your system would start at $185

Muffler or Resonator Delete:

On some vehicles, this is the way to go, if you want more sound.  These jobs start at $85. We recommend checking online with a forum for your vehicle type to see what others suggest. Once we see your vehicle, we can offer our ideas.


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"This place is an awesome Mom and Pop Shop with a bunch of knowledged guys and a fair price I recommend you pass up Bucky's and all the others and go there!"

Lane Watkins

What Are Customers Are Saying

"Always will be my go-to for anything welding and muffler related"

Sharon Crosetto

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Always will be my go to for anything welding and muffler related"

James Michael Callahan