Camper Tie Downs

Torklift Camper Tie Downs

If you need Camper Tie Downs, we suggest Torklift. They are simply the best! True Frame-Mounted Tie Downs, which bolt directly to the truck frame, giving you increased stability and handling.

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Torklift FAQ

Q: Why should I chose Torklift camper tie downs?

AThese truck camper tie downs are engineered to fit tight and secure to your truck frame with no loss of ground clearance. That means with Torklift tie downs, you don’t compromise any ground clearance and they are hidden when not in use. Simply remove the insert when not hauling your camper.

QWhy do I need camper tie downs?

A: Frame-mounted tiedowns provide the strongest base for securing a camper. They also have another advantage: they help to ensure that your setup won’t be too top-heavy. This is because the tiedowns attach to your truck’s frame, which is lower than its bed.

QDo I need to bring in my own parts?

A: No, Airport Welding is an official Torklift dealer and can purchase and provide all the parts needed for your vehicle.

QHow long does it take to install camper tie downs?

A: It takes approximately 2-4 hours. We recommend you dropping the vehicle off with us for the day.


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