Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters

If your Check Engine Light is on due to a Catalytic Converter, we can take care of this for you. We carry a complete line of universal fit Magnaflow Converters that in most cases will save you money over purchasing direct fit parts. We are a Custom Exhaust Shop, which gives us the option of cutting out the bad converter and welding in a new converter. On certain applications however, this is not an option and Direct Fit parts are required. Give us a call to find out what your options are!

Questions & Answers:

1) How can I tell if my converter is bad?

    1. Check engine light is on and code reader indicates “below efficiency” P0420 or P0430
    2. Your car is rattling like a can of marbles.
    3. Dramatic loss of power is another indicator. 

2) Can you also test my converters to see if they are bad?

Yes, we can do a back-pressure test by drilling a hole in the pipe in front of converter and inserting a pressure gauge. This test requires an appointment and can be done while you wait. The test is $95. The fee is reduced to $45,  if the converter is clogged and we replace it for you.

 3)  Do I have to replace the Oxygen Sensors?

Generally speaking oxygen sensors do not need to be replaced. In some applications the sensor is screwed directly into the converter and will not come out, or strips the thread on removal. In that case a new sensor would be installed.

4) How much does it cost to replace a converter?

Price will vary per vehicle application. Vehicles from 2001 and newer, require high grade converters, and generally install for $595. (parts and labor). We install Magnaflow or AP converters. These converters are high flow and meet all OEM specs. Keep your vehicle running right with top quality products.

5) How long does it take to replace my converter?

We make every effort to get all jobs in and out the same day.

6) Can my converters be deleted?

Beginning January 2020 emissions tested ended. Unfortunately, the laws regarding converters has not otherwise changed. It is illegal to remove a converter. If we perform work in the zone of where a converter should be, we must install a converter. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Always will be my go to for anything welding and muffler related"

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